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Bingo has always been a popular game throughout the world and now with the emergence of the internet and the establishment of online casinos, the game can be enjoyed online as well. Online bingo sites provide the comfort of enjoying the game from home. The sense of enjoyment of escalated by the fact that the game can be played for real money as well. While you must have played the offline version of the game and know the rules. Many of the bingo sites let the players play bingo for free, others usually charge a fee or require a registration with a deposit. The players make the payment at the site using the deposit methods mentioned at the site and they are then ready to enjoy a session of online bingo. For US players, the options are quite limited, we found quite good sites over at bingoonline.us/real-money/ where they list only US-friendly rooms. For most other counties, options are much better and the sites/promos are on a different level. As for other countries, we can recommend South Beach Bingo as a good option.

Just as in the offline bingo where players have to strike out the called numbers on their bingo cards, they have to do so in the online version as well. Once registered to play, you are given a random bingo card. You can increase the number of cards you wish to play with by putting in more money. You can play up to fifty cards at one time, if you can manage checking the numbers. The computer software is programmed to call out numbers between one and seventy-five, eighty or ninety as per the version of the game. You have to daub the numbers as they are called, with the click of the mouse.

Objectives of the Game

Similar to the offline version, the objective of the online bingo is to make a particular pattern with the numbers struck to claim the prize. The pattern in the online bingo is given on the upper right corner of the window. You can match your pattern with that given on the window. If you are able to strike the numbers in a particular pattern, you can press the bingo button. The site software checks the pattern and compares the numbers struck with the numbers that have been called out. If both the things, that is, the pattern as well as the numbers are correct, you are the winner. However, if there is more than one winner for the same pattern, the prize will have to be shared.

Unlike the offline version of the game where money is mostly the form in which prizes are given, the online version has the concept of bingo bucks as prizes. The bingo bucks can be called bingo money which is earned as prizes on making a winning pattern. However, these bingo bucks can be redeemed for real cash as well. There are some sites that provide bingo games for real money right from the start but these usually have a higher deposit requirement than the sites that offer bingo bucks as prizes.

While playing online bingo is fairly simple, it is essential to know certain facts about the same. There are some bingo sites that distribute cards in a random way providing everybody a fair chance of winning. There are some sites that limit the number of cards that a player can play with. However, the maximum number of cards allowed by any site is fifty. It is true that playing with multiple cards increases the chances of winning, but it also becomes confusing and requires a sharp sense to keep a check on all the cards, lest to miss a number. It is; therefore, best to play with three to four cards at a time.

Socializing at Online Bingo Sites

Offline bingo is played in halls where people know each other and chat with one another. In the online version of the game, you are alone only till you want to be as there is a lot of socializing that can be done while enjoying a game of online bingo. The online bingo sites provide a platform where you can make new friends, chat with them and enjoy the game at the same time. The audiovisual effects of the online sites stimulate a real bingo hall.The best part about online bingo is that you can choose a hall or playing site from hundreds of online bingo sites. If you are not comfortable of playing at any site, you can simply leave the site and find another one without wasting money and time.



Whenever playing online bingo at any site you should register with a valid email address or else you will not be able to claim prizes if you are playing for real money.


Choosing gaming sites that have few players during the mornings or afternoons is a good idea to increase the chances of winning. You must avoid the weekends or holiday time as there are many players logged in, reducing the odds of winning.


It is a good idea to fix a limit on the amount you intend to spend on the game in a particular day. Once you reach the limit, you must stop play for the day or else you can end up losing quite a lot of money.